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If you are looking for quick and practical solutions, at 360PRO CARPENTRY we also offer a wide range of ready-to-take prefabricated furniture.

Sale of Prefabricated Furniture

Our selection ranges from classic pieces to modern options, all designed with quality and style in mind.


Find the perfect piece of furniture without waiting; ready to take and enjoy.


From classic to contemporary, our collection encompasses a variety of styles and trends.


Although they are prefabricated, we maintain high quality standards in each piece.



Our team is available to advise you on the best choice for your space.

Browse our collection and find furniture that complements your style and suits your needs whenever you want it.

Custom Furniture Manufacturing & Selling Only

If you already have a design in mind, at 360PRO CARPENTRY we offer custom furniture manufacturing and sales services according to your specifications. Simply bring us your ideas, plans or references, and we will take care of turning them into reality.

How it works:


We discuss your ideas and requirements to fully understand your expectations.


We provide a detailed budget and agree on the terms of the project.


We use our manufacturing expertise to create precise, high-quality furniture.


Once completed, we deliver the furniture ready to blend seamlessly into your space.

This service is ideal for those who have a specific design in mind and are looking for manufacturing excellence.

Design, Manufacture and Installation of Custom Furniture

At 360PRO CARPENTRY, we specialize in offering a comprehensive service of design, manufacture and installation of wooden furniture for your home and business. From kitchen cabinets to entertainment centers to office furniture, our team of experts will work closely with you to transform your ideas into unique and functional pieces.


Personalized Consultation

We start with a personalized meeting to understand your needs, tastes, and vision.

Custom Design

Our designers create detailed proposals that capture your ideas and requirements.

Artisan Manufacturing

We use high quality materials and artisanal techniques to bring each piece of furniture to life.

Professional Installation

Our team of expert installers ensures that each piece fits perfectly into your space.

This service offers the convenience of a turnkey process, where we take care of every aspect, from conceptualization to installation.


Our selection ranges from classic pieces to modern options, all designed with quality and style in mind.


We design kitchen cabinets that go beyond the functional. Every detail is meticulously planned to deliver smart storage solutions and style that fits your space.


Our custom closets not only organize your clothes, but also reflect your lifestyle. We maximise every inch to deliver efficient and stylish storage solutions.


We create entertainment centers that become the focus of your living room. From cable concealment systems to lighting details, every aspect is designed to deliver a visually appealing and functional experience.


Functionality meets design in our custom office furniture. Whether at home or at work, we create work environments that inspire productivity.


We optimize the space in your garage with durable and practical furniture. Adjustable shelving, workbenches and storage solutions to suit your needs.


Organization meets style in our shoe racks. Designed to display and preserve your footwear collection in a neat and elegant manner.


Transform your Space with Distinctive Elegance. Accent Walls are a bold and creative way to infuse character and unique style into any space. Whether in the home or office, our accent walls are the key to redefining the aesthetics of your environments.


Elevating the Aesthetics and Functionality of Every Entrance. Our exceptional range of Wooden Doors, designed to transform every entrance into a statement of elegance and durability.

OUR WORKSHOP: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

At 360PRO CARPENTRY, our workshop is the heart of craftsmanship and innovation. We pride ourselves on fusing the tradition of artisanal manufacturing with the efficiency of cutting-edge technology. In this dedicated space, each piece of wood comes to life thanks to the skill of our craftsmen and the precision of our modern machinery.

State of The Art Technology

We have state-of-the-art machinery, incorporating the latest innovations in the industry for wood cutting. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in every detail of our workshop, where high-tech machines become allies of creativity and precision.

High Precision Wood Cutting

The machinery we use in our workshop is capable of making high-precision cuts, allowing us to create intricate shapes and refined details in each piece. Not only does this ensure the exceptional quality of our furniture, but it also allows us to carry out custom designs exactly.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Modern technology not only improves accuracy, but also allows us to optimize the use of materials, reduce waste, and minimize our environmental impact. We strive to balance efficiency with sustainability, ensuring that every project reflects our values of responsibility and excellence.

At 360PRO CARPENTRY, our workshop is the place where ideas take shape and wood becomes art. The combination of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machinery allows us to offer furniture that is not only aesthetically stunning, but also durable and functional. Welcome to our workshop, where innovation and tradition meet to create one-of-a-kind pieces that tell enduring stories!

Ready to bring your ideas to life?

Click below and discover how our workshop can turn your visions into tangible and exceptional furniture. From design to installation, we’re here to make your experience as unique as your furniture.

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